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Digital Designs


Design passion opens boundless possibilities.

Stay ahead amidst evolving design trends with our innovative concepts. Unveil the best of creativity while embracing the dynamic era of digital designs.


Virtual link media like eFlyers help provide a preview for your business. Packed with information but presented creatively.

UX UI Designs

We realise that excellent UX and UI are balanced to make the site look lovely. We guarantee we offer will be the best yet.

Social Media Elements

Social media has made it more essential than ever before to have your own unique brand. We’ve got you covered in all areas.

Art & Illustration

Each piece of artwork is created with meticulous attention to provide customers and visitors with something wonderful.

Infographic & Presentation

To reach the minds of an audience, a well-designed presentation with eye-catching infographics will be most effective.

Mascot & Characters

AsterAce’s character-building methodology gives brands personality. We create mascots that reflect your company’s individuality.

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