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WordPress Hosting

A easy, powerful and complete WordPress website solution

Built-in security

Ease of Use



When you purchase hosting, it is pre-configured and ready to use with the most recent version of WordPress.


Any WordPress version update or patch is implemented immediately, ensuring website security in the future.

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A secure, reliable and powerful platform crafted for WordPress

Your WordPress Site – powered by our Cloud Hosting


Blazing-Fast Load Time

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, caching (which stores your site’s most popular pages), and a globally distributed CDN, your site is served up to 2x faster.

Your Data - Safeguarded

By storing your website data on three separate devices, our Ceph-based storage solution guarantees redundancy and security.

Instant Scaling

There’s no need to upgrade your hosting as your traffic increases. By boosting RAM and CPU, you may boost your resources at the touch of a button without having to reboot.


Automatic Failover

When we identify a hardware issue, we instantly move your site to another server, ensuring that your site is always up and you never lose visitors.

— FAQs

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(+91) 9072720001

Yes, you may use any third-party email service with your domain. Please contact our Support team to have the required DNS records for your blog changed if you’re using WordPress Hosting’s default name servers.

Yes. The purchase includes a free SSL certificate that will be generated and deployed for all domains under your WordPress Hosting plan right away.

Automatic backups and anti-malware protection are not included in low-cost WordPress hosting services. WordPress Hosting + Security plans provide the same benefits as WordPress hosting plans, such as automatic cloud backups and anti-malware protection, but at a higher cost.

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